An Overview On Avaya Ip Office

Business phone systems play a crucial role in making or breaking of the image the business has portrayed to its competitors and clients alike. If the client calls your business and gets repeatedly busy signals or being consistently transferred to wrong party, chances are they will get frustrated and take their business to some reliable party. Avaya is the renowned brand in the telecommunication arena and it has been consistently serving all its clients with state-of-the-art technology that has truly streamlined the way businesses communicate today. One of its products called Avaya IP Office is designed with advanced IP technology where the voice communication is transmitted through internet protocol. This type of IP phones have replaced the traditional public switched phones and considered to be suitable for all types of small businesses with 20 or less employees.

Excellent Features

Most of the models of Avaya IP Office come with exceptional features like music on hold, auto attendant, IP technology, conferencing ability and more. The wide line of products from Avaya provides the business owners with a variety of choices to choose for their communication solutions and at a cost that they can afford easily. The IP Office system from Avaya comes with 3 distinct levels of sophistication and you may choose depending upon your business needs. The basic level is Essential Edition that offer affordable way to have sophisticated phone system for your business and it provides all the key features that are required for your business. Preferred Edition comes with higher voice messaging capacity and simultaneous call volume. However, the Advanced Edition of IP Office system comes with advanced features and higher technology which is suitable for high end businesses.

Great Flexibility

The Avaya IP Office system offers excellent level of flexibility to the operators and employees using it. It offers great flexibility to the operators in the way they handle calls and work each day. It comes with a feature called Power User that enables the users to handle all the conversations using the IP phone, laptop or cell phone. All the incoming messages will be stored in one inbox for further use, including faxes, emails and voice mails.

Benefits of Avaya IP Office

The primary benefit of Avaya IP Office System is that your employees are no longer required to be limited to work from the office. The advanced technology from Avaya enables them to take calls using their laptops and cell phones even when they are out of the office. So, the customers and clients can reach the employees anytime, regardless of their location.

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