Espresso machine: Daily Dose of Caffeine

Only a true coffee lover can understand the importance of an espresso machine in one’s life. It will always be by your side. Let it be a late night book reading session, alone in your study room or a fun packed get together with your friends or family over the coffee table. An espresso machine basically works on the concept of heating the water and thereafter, passing the pressurized hot water through the ground coffee and then through a filter to serve you a hot shot of espresso. The first espresso machine was developed on the land of Italy. A modern espresso machine may also include several other features which may be used to add froth, milk or sugar to your coffee to prepare other coffee drinks.

Types of espresso machines:

Different espresso machines work on different technologies. However, let us just discuss the types of machines used in present day based on their usability.

  • A Semi-Automated espresso machine requires manually pressurized water.
  • An Automated espresso machine, there is an automatic flow of pressurized water which is fixed in the flow meter. However, grinding has to be done manually only.
  • Super-Automated espresso machines perform all of the activities from grinding, tamping to brewing by itself. The machine has just to be connected to a direct water supply from where it can extract water and serve you an aromatic shot of espresso.

Most of the commercial places prefer semi- automated espresso machines due to the ability to grind the beans manually which may enhance the quality of the coffee. However, most of the super-automated machines are highly user-friendly, compact, light in weight and serve you a shot of coffee just over the press of a single button. Espresso machines have really eased the lives of coffee lovers. Besides all the ease provided by automated machines, manual coffee machines are still popular in parts of Europe.

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