How To Write An Abstract Of A Research Paper

When you start writing a research paper, the first and foremost thing that you’ve to write before starting the core content is abstract. What exactly is an abstract of a research paper? An abstract is nothing but a summary of what you’re going to provide to readers in the paper. It also contains the objective of your paper, details of the specific methods you’ve followed in the research, different theories you’ve applied to interpret, the direction of your research discussion and finally what you’re going to prove through the research paper. Usually, an abstract will be of two hundred words or even less. In other words, an abstract is an either a concise or a precise paragraph which acts as a summary of your research work (completed/in progress). By going through the abstract first, the reader will get the underlying rationale behind your paper and the approach you’ve taken towards the topic, results, new questions that you’ve arisen, pertinent discussion and also meaningful conclusions. If the abstract is not good enough, you might end up asking people to “do my research paper for me”.

Writing the abstract:

It’s always better to write the abstract after completing your research paper or at least the draft. This way, you will have an idea of what you’re summarizing and you can also have the clarity in what you’re writing. One thing to consider about writing an abstract is that economy plays an important role. Don’t unnecessarily use heavy words or long sentences. People often tend to complicate the sentences to enhance the richness of the content which makes them compromise with the readability. Always remember that the content should be universally readable and therefore writing heavy wording sentences will take the simplicity away.  Therefore always form sentences that covers the question, methods, analysis mode in a go so that you don’t have to repeat them again and can put them for once and all. Include the elements in an ‘abstract’ way as that’s the reason why it is called an abstract.

What to include:

  • The purpose of the paper – Objective, Hypothesis.
  • Model System – Description of the experiment and the methods.
  • Results – Data regarding the experiment (quantitative mostly)
  • Discussion – Your interpretation of the observations.
  • Conclusion – Answer to the hypothesis formed.

Style to be followed:

  1. Always write the abstract in just a single paragraph without any splits.
  2. If the summary is about a completed paper, use past tense; if it is about work in progress, use the present tense.
  3. Always make sure that the abstract should be on its own. Don’t give any external or internal references.
  4. Always focus on summarizing the observations and results while limiting the literature part and the background information.
  5. Be consistent with what you have produced in the paper and the abstract. They should always complement each other.
  6. Sentences should be clear; phrases should be organized, and quantities should be reported accurately while the whole content being grammar free.

Once you’re one writing the abstract, cross checks it with your research paper and make sure that you’ve covered all the sections properly. If necessary, give keywords through which you can search the research paper in the search engines right after the abstract.

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