Internet Marketing

It is a process to gain website traffic through social media sites. User generated content has acquired huge interest for marketers among social media platforms. enables clients to select view speed at no additional cost. It boost video credibility.


Social networking website: It allow individuals & businesses to interact & build relationships online. Consumers can interact with companies directly. It allow followers to retweet/repost comments made by others about a product that is being promoted, which allows user connections to see messages & reaches more people. More traffic is brought to the product or company as the information about product is getting repeated. Social networking sites allow consumers to express needs, values & wants online.

Mobile phones:

Mobile phones have social networking capabilities which allow immediate web browsing to individuals. It allow consumers to obtain easily pricing & product information. For individuals to access company website with their smart phone many companies are not putting Quick Response(QR) codes along with their products. Mobile audio & mobile video are on rise.

Strategies :

For engaging social media as marketing tools there are two basic strategies:

  • Passive approach: Social media can be useful source where individuals share reviews & recommendation of brands, products or services. It is an inexpensive source of market intelligence.
  • Active approach: Social media can also be used as communication channels & customer engagement tool. Users can hyper target their ads using facebook or LinkedIn.


It means rather than viewers, customers & stake holders are partcipants. Somewhere along business path, social media allow consumers to express & share opinion or an idea. It is a fundamental to successful social media marketing. To get translated into buying behavior, it is important to first gain customer interest.


Companies can promote products in tweets (short messages) that appears on follower timelines. Tweets contain photo, video, text, hashtag etc.


It is a detailed account compared to twitter. Longer description of product can be posted & followers can comment on product page.


It allows user & company to communicate publicly. It also boost visual marketing strategy.



Beneficial for digital marketing campaigns & social media marketing. It can benefit any business.

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