Nirvana Memorial Garden: Place Suitable For Deceased Souls

The concept of Nirvana  has number of references in history books, but nowhere anything has been done to translate the words into reality but when one will visit Nirvana Memorial Garden, six-star lush and plush columbarium that integrates  Buddhism, Confucianism  and Taoism into its pioneering columbarium architecture, a change in thought is sure to come. Unlike those dreary resting places where deceased leftovers are preserved, this place is one luxury abode for living and dead where memories of departed can be preserved and a concerned person pray and share memory, thus asking God to offer Nirvana which is an ultimate relief from the circle of life and death. The columbarium is fully air conditioned, there are varying suites where  Family Suite, Memorial Suite, Royal Suite, Suite 1 / 2 / 4, Suite 3, Suite 7A / 7B, Suite 10A, Suite 10B, Suite 11.hqdefault

Remarkable Interior

Over the past centuries, Chinese maintain a ritual of placing ancestral tablets in memory of their deceased ancestors, in their homes. These tablets are important as the existence of these tablets show the peaceful harmony between the departed one and living one, thus bringing the family members closer to each other. Now Nirvana Memorial Garden is well informed about this tradition and respecting the fact with full heart, permits ancestral tablets to be placed by their clients in loving memory of their deceased family members in one of the traditional ways. The suites are elegantly built, motivate, and persuade people to unwind their mind significantly, as they get an extravagant chance to honor their loved ones. Here one will find full-fledged cafeteria, which offers wonderful place for the family members and friends to warm up a little, get out of the gloominess that often memories fetch over. Families can take pleasure in special meal while consoling each other.Nirvana

One of the well-designed, elegant hall meant for all those people who want to enjoy some seclusion during prayers. While praying they remember their ancestors also they will be having privilege to worship three wise sages of the West, ‘Amitābha, Mahāsthāmaprāpta and Avalokiteśvara not forgetting the bodhisattva Kṣitigarbha’.


JI LING SUITE is one room exclusively built for the clients where they can keep the pictures of their loved deceased ones for forty nine days. The room vibrates with the unvarying, continuous chants and prayers. The ambiance is undoubtedly serene, clients will feel happy and satisfied that finally their dear ones are resting in a peaceful heaven like abode.

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