Powerful Love Spells

People go through failed relationships at least once in their lives. In today’s age more and more people are getting themselves into meaningful relationships, and people really expect these relationships to entail something. However, most relationships don’t work out, and people are left heart-broken.  A person who’s deeply in love and gets jilted by his/her lover is left so grief-stricken that the person goes into chronic depression and studies have shown that clinical depression has an impact on your physical health as well.  With the help of powerful love spells you can turn your life around for the better.  Some people might be skeptical at the idea of using a love spell, but they have been effective in the past and there’s no reason why it won’t work today. This article talks about the power of love spells.

History of love spells:

The exact history of how these love spells came into being is unclear since they have been in existence for quite some time and have been used in all parts of the world. The place of origination though, is not known. In ancient times, people practiced love magic by creating a wax figurine of the person they wanted to attract. The spells were cast on that wax figure, and that was reflected on to the person who in turn was drawn to the caster of the spell. Love magic in the past was essentially performed in the form of witch craft. Charms and potions were considered to be the most powerful mediums to perform love magic. That belief has persisted even in this modern age. People used to wear charms or placed those charms around the person for whom it was intended to arouse love. This practice is relevant even today, as people place these charms near beds and other personal spaces to induce the feeling of love in with whom they want to be with.

Wizards and witches who were able to perform such magic were considered to be very powerful and were revered by everybody. People turned to them to solve all of their problems. Different tribes and cultures all around the world had their own separate rituals and practices, but all of it was for one thing –  love. Love is an indescribable feeling, but one who gets a chance to experience true love in life is truly a lucky person.

What’s a love spell?

A “love spell” is closely associated to the word “telepathy”. Telepathy is the ability of the brain to communicate thoughts and feelings with someone without the use of the senses known to us. Telepathy is a kind of pseudo science and has been studied for several decades now. The first ever experiment was performed by an American journalist named Upton Sinclair which was carried out in 1931 and his work was later published on his mental radio. Another study was later conducted in 1937 by writer Harold Sherman and researcher Hubert Wilkins which confirmed the ability. Sherman was in New York and Wilkins was staying in the Arctic. Sherman who was said to have mental “abilities” from birth sent pictures through his mind to Wilkins. They both drew pictures and 86% were a match. Since then many studies  have been conducted in the field of telepathy.

What’s a love spell from the point of view of Science?

The aim of every love spell is to control the person of desire. This is achieved by powerful psychokinesis, where a person’s thoughts and feelings is projected on to the subject to induce in him the feeling of love and attraction for the person.

A spell caster must communicate “pictures”, images and emotions with strong feelings of love to an object like a photograph –  photographs of both parties are needed, and more recent they are, the better.  Every single person is born with the ability to cast a spell, however, for the spell to be effective the caster must chant some incantations and also perform a few rituals. A trained shaman does not need to utter any mantras or such and can cast a spell by only focusing his thoughts at the picture. It is necessary to intone a few words though, to focus your energy on the person.

Regular love spells are very different from powerful love spells in terms of the energy required, the components, and it’s effectiveness. Powerful love spells are associated with black magic and are actually very dangerous. They must not be performed casually as they can completely disrupt someone’s life. For powerful love spells, you may require the bits of skin of your loved one; locks of hair; your blood or that of your loved one; nail clippings etcetera. Cast the spell only after you are fully sure of yourself because there’s no looking back after you do.

These kinds of powerful love spells affect three areas of a person’s aura, the sensuality, the spirituality  and the person’s emotional bonds. There’s a good chance that the spell might backfire but if done correctly it can change your life forever. Consult a renowned shaman for expert advice and any help you might require during the process of casting the spell.

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