Read The Online Guide To Start Playing Pokémon Go

If you are passionate about online games, then you might have heard about the popular game called Pokémon, it the popular title of Nintendo where the players are required to travel the frictional world in a bid to collect the creatures available there. However, things have changed today which is not similar to that of 1990’s game. Niantic Labs and Nintendo have collaborated together to offer the players enjoy Pokémon games in the real world that we live in today, all thanks to the Pokémon Go game that is the ultimate blend of augmented reality, GPS technology and dorky cure graphics. There is online Pokemon Go Guide available that will make you aware about the game and how to enjoy playing it on your handheld device.


What is Pokémon Go All About?

Pokémon Go has been designed with the basic concept of old Pokémon game but with the essence of real world. Here, the players are the Pokémon trainers, but instead of exploring the creature in the frictional world they need to explore the creature by physically walking around.

The game of Pokémon Go reveals a real map of world with your location using the GPS technology and as you meander you will find some Pokémon which you need to capture using the PokéBall.

What is The Difference between Pokémon and Pokémon Go?

Apart from playing the game with the essence of real world, there are few other differences that you will notice between Pokémon and Pokémon Go game. The very first difference is that Pokémon Go is totally free and it is made available for a variety of platforms including Android and iOS devices. This is the main reason behind its popularity today because the old version of Pokémon was only exclusive to Nintendo hardware and due to expensiveness it is hardly enjoyed by people.


Another difference is that Pokémon Go is the popular augmented reality game because players are allowed to view the Pokémon on their mobile screen as they find them with the help of mobile camera.

Picking your First Pokémon

Alike other Pokémon games, players are allowed to select their first Pokémon in the game. But, initially they are only restricted with three options:

  • Squirtle – water type Pokémon that looks like turtle
  • Charmander – it looks like a mini dinosaur crossed with the dragon
  • Bulbasaur – it looks like a plant with human legs

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