Two Chevrolet Cars Under $1000

If you are in search for cars under $1,000 then have a look on this two Chevrolet models which offer better performance and have a good stylish design bodies.

  • 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier:


This 104 years brand has its first car manufactured in Michigan. It has been named after its founder Louis Chevrolet. If you’re in search of used car with good body graphics and better performance for much less cost, one must consider Cavalier a choice. This model was manufactured in 2002 and had a good market all over the world. Because of the decade difference for this vehicle presence, one must get this vehicle surely for less cost. It has that 2 door coupe style which doesn’t depress you with its looks and make you feel it as an old model. Interior of the vehicle is quite a bit low when the stylish looks of outside is considered. It has an average interior well equipped. It comes with a 2.2 liter 4 cylinder engine with 115 horsepower which is not a great running dog on the streets. It has an average roaring speed. Mileage claim is 24 mpg in city and on highways 33 mpg.

  • 2002 Chevrolet Impala:



Another model was released in the same year from Chevrolet, which costs more and has a performance increase. This car has bagged everything which a perfect automobile should have but with a higher price. It has a good styling body which doesn’t fade away easily. It has inbuilt gadgets and the interior are not less from the company; it has a good interior design and well equipped as well. The wheel base of the vehicle is quite good and more because of this people sitting back can have a good and comfortable sitting. There is enough space for the tall persons as well on the back seats. It comes with a 3.4 liter 6 cylinder engine with 180 horsepower. That means when you pay extra than Cavalier one can buy a beast and ride on the road. It gives a combined fuel efficiency of 27 mpg.

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