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For bookworms, there are different types of books you can read. From autobiographies to fiction stories, you’ll be able to find everything you’ve wanted in order to enhance your mind and thinking skills! But have you ever heard of manga? It’s the Japanese form of comic books! What makes it different from the normal comic books we read is the fact that you will be reading the whole comic backwards. Instead of flipping through pages from left to right, it’s actually the other way around. It’s pretty interesting the way you read this manga books, and it can get confusing for those who are new to it! But don’t worry, as there are guides on how you will be able to read these mangas properly. The manga itself will warn you and teach you how to read it as well.

Popularity of Manga and Anime

There are many different mangas available to read, some of them in pure Japanese, and most translated into English for others to understand. Mangas are then turned into anime, some even turning into a movie or television series because of its popularity! Contrary to common belief, these Japanese comic books are actually very popular and loved by people around the world. It is the reason why it’s always translated into different languages other than Japanese or English. You will often see cosplays being held all over the world, where avid fans dress as their favorite anime characters and meet other people with the same interests. Merchandise is sold, from keychains all the way to oversized stuff toys! Indeed, the manga and anime from Japan is definitely something many enjoy.



Like mentioned, there are different mangas in various genres. Some can be romantic, some can be dark. Servamp is one of the manga series that is mostly focused on sci-fi and fantasy, with humans meeting vampires! Servamp is a manga series created by Strike Tanaka. It actually started as a manga back in April 2011, where it was named after another title. But it then became very popular across Japan and North America, that it announced that it will become a series in July 2014! It’s said to start airing this July 2016. If you aren’t able to catch it in your local cable network, then you will actually be able to stream it online by the official developers of the manga series. Now, you won’t need to end up having to wait for its television schedule, because with a stable Internet connection and device, you are able to watch anytime and anywhere.


In Conclusion

With the popularity of manga and anime, along with Servamp, you will surely find more of these types of stories slowly airing and being published by different people! Watch out for more news on Servamp online on their official website, or if you’d like to read the series yourself, you can do so by purchasing the manga in your local bookstore, or search for the official manga series published online.

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