Ways To Improve That Bum

Whether you’re pressured by your friends, family, significant other or you just want to look good for yourself and only yourself, you can always research on how to get a big butt. Speaking from someone with quite a bit of background on this matter, having a great booty is so much more flattering. Think of all the clothes you can’t wear because you have nothing to show: yoga pants, shorts, leggings and so much more. What’s even more frustrating is when you’re surrounded with friends that are ultimately gifted in that area: good riddance to self-esteem.

It doesn’t have to be like that forever, we’re here to save you from that crisis. No, you don’t have to go and get an appointment with a doctor to increase that backside. There are so much more natural ways to do it; you just have to really want it. We offer a guide to increase that booty with a lot, and we mean a lot, of hard work and determination on your part. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Move it Like You Mean It

Well by now you might have an idea of what we want you to do, that’s right, exercise. We assure you that you will sweat gallons and your body will ache but it will all be worth the effort. So what kind of exercise will we ask you to do? Read on ahead:

  • Squats with weights – basically we’re instructing you to do squats while holding weights on either side. Move your feet apart, the distance should be around shoulder-width apart. Your feet should be in line with the one another, and then stick that booty out. Hold weights in each hand, both weights should weigh the same. Slowly go down and do squats while keeping the weights in their place by your sides. Don’t stop going down until you reach a 90 degree angle. Hold your position in place for a few seconds, use the muscles in your butt, and clench your muscles as you push back up. Attempt to do 3 out of 15 reps.

Additional tips:

  1. As you do your squats, make sure to put your weight on your heels and not on the balls of your feet as you tilt forward.
  2. Maintain proper posture as you do this exercise; keep a straight back and open chest, never slump.
  3. Once you get used to this exercise, increase the amount of time you spend on this exercise, hold a little longer in squat position and such.
  • Donkey Kicks – get down on all fours, make sure your arms are shoulder-width apart and your knees should also be directly below the hips. Start by raising one knee to up and keeping the other in its place; flex your abdominal muscles as you do so. Don’t stop raising your leg until the knee is parallel to the rest of the body. You will also hold that position for a few seconds before returning the leg to its original position; don’t lose tension as you do so. For the first attempts, try doing 3 reps out of 20 for each leg.

Additional tips:

  1. Always do the exact same amount of donkey kicks for each leg; it will be awkward when you have bigger muscles on one part of your body. You can do a whole exercise on one leg and do another set of exercise for the other afterwards. Meanwhile, others prefer exercising one leg after the other. It’s up to you to discover which way you personally prefer.
  2. If you’re uncomfortable kneeling like that on the floor, grab a pillow or even an exercise mat. It will help lessen the pressure of the weight from your knees.
  • Butt Bridges – lay down completely straight on your back, place your hands on your sides, and then make sure your feet are flat on the floor. Once you’re in position, raise your hips from the floor until the torso is aligned with or legs. Keep your position for a few seconds and slowly lift one foot of the ground and straighten the whole leg out. After a moment, place your foot back on the floor and lower your hips. Repeat this on both legs for 3 of 10 reps per side.

Additional tips:

  1. As you’re preparing for this exercise, tighten your abdominal muscles as much as possible.
  2. Be mindful of your posture; keep your torso straight even while lifting.

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