What Are Retaining Walls And Varieties Of It

To retain soil in the unnatural slopes there is a method used and the method is called retain wall. In this method concrete blocks, powdered concrete are used to bound soil between two different elevations, retain walls are mostly used in the areas where the landscape needs to be leveled examples overpass for roadways, hill side farming.These are designed to resist the lateral pressure whenever the ground level exceeds the angle of response of the soil.The basement wall is also on type of retain wall, but the basement  wall is generally referred as cantilever retain wall it doesn’t have any support from the top it is a free standing structure these walls are designed to resist the pressure generated by  the loose soil . These are raised on one side and to retain higher level grade on the opposite side.

Types of retain walls

Based on the requirement there are categorized in to different categories they are:


  • Cantilevered walls:

These walls consists of steel reinforced they are I the shape of inverted “T” these provide horizontal pressure from behind the wall and   provide vertical pressure on the ground. These walls are also used as support for the front and back to improve their strength retaining high loads compare to gravity walls these walls require less material

  • Gravity walls:

These walls have more stability based on the pressure required different materials are used such as stone, concrete and so on. In 20th century taller gravity walls are mostly used they are constructed by concrete or stone. But now we are using geo-synthetics.


  • Sheet piling:

These walls are mostly used in soft soils and tight spaces these walls are made of wood steel materials that are driven into the ground.

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