Workers’ Day Out

From a small coterie to becoming a part of syndicates, an organisation has to work hard big time to become a brand name. From fighting red tapism to moving the yardsticks, an organisation beavers away a lot to carve a niche for itself in this era of globalisation. Behind the success of the companies is the motivated and skilled workforce. The concept of adventurous Escape Rooms is increasingly becoming famous in Singapore for the purposes of corporate team building.


An escape room has crazy bunch of gadgets, puzzles, and other games like solving murder mystery and action or mission games. Escape room apes fictional locations of cartoons, comic series, TV series wherein team members work in league to win the game. The games with their amazing graphics and storyline test different skills of team members like decision making, problem solving ability and promptness. In corporate team building singapore, has the advantage of activities of Escape Rooms, as more and more organisations  are focusing on motivating their workers to inculcate a feeling of belongingness.

This helps in addressing the insecurities of the workers, enhances team bonding and also does away on-the-lam-syndrome of rules in the workplace. Here the members learn to play together and bond together which eventually might result into bigger achievements for their organisation. The tasks undertaken at the Escape Rooms also make them learn the need and importance of delegation and communication with the workers. The games offer different categories like mind boggling puzzles and missions and action games like SWAT and Firestorm. SWAT involves saving New York City from the threat posed by the terrorists who have planted bombs in Times Square Subway.


Such games are worth playing because here you learn the importance of the concerted efforts your teammates, which reposes faith in themselves and their way of working and strengthens the bond. So those wallowing in the glory of heads of various companies, must plan their workers’ day out to enjoy and learn at the same time.

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